PCE 9030656 Imst



Powerful Features

The 9030656 boasts a 32A 230V 3-pin IP44 incomer and 1 x 32A 230V 3-pin IP44 outgoing socket, along with 4 x 16A 230V 3-pin IP44 outgoing sockets. With breaker protection including an overall RCBO and MCB on each 16A socket, you can trust that your equipment is safe from electrical faults.

Upgrade from 9030182

Replacing its predecessor, the 9030182, this updated version features a crucial improvement: the RCBO has been upgraded from a type AC to a type A, enhancing its reliability and performance.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

With over 1500 units sold this year alone, the PCE Imst 9030656 has earned its reputation as a top choice for outdoor events. It has been selected for high-volume usage at prestigious events like the Paris 2024 Olympics and the Glastonbury Festival 2024, showcasing its reliability and performance under demanding conditions.

Versatile and Widely Used

Renowned in the outdoor events industry, the Imst range is often affectionately referred to as "handbag" or "castle distro" due to its compact yet robust design. Whether you're powering a music festival, a sporting event, or a corporate gathering, this range of distribution units delivers the power you need, where you need it.

The Distro Solution

Distro, short for distribution, is the term used to describe industrial electrical distribution units like the 9030656. Designed with durability and efficiency in mind, this product is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use while providing reliable power distribution.

Explore More Options

While the Imst 9030656 is the most popular option, we also offer other variations from stock or as bespoke units to meet your specific requirements. Whatever your power distribution needs, we have the solution for you.

Don't let power distribution be a concern at your next outdoor event. Trust the PCE range of distro to deliver reliable power, ensuring your event runs smoothly from start to finish.





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