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Price Adjustment


Unfortunately due to constant price increases of raw materials, packaging and energy since the beginning of the year we reluctantly have to implement a price increase. Read Article

Facelift of 125a plugs and connectors announced


PCE have recently announced a new design is to be implemented for the 125a plug and connector. Read Article

New H-Connect


This year we launched the all new PCE H-connect, which we have worked closely on with PCE in Austria to add this to our range of distribution solutions. The H-connect has one 16a 230v 3 pin power inlet and 3 x 16a 230v 3 pin sockets providing more flexibility in the midnight splitter range. Read Article

New H-Connect Coming Soon!


Arriving in the near future is the newly developed H-Connect from PCE is here. Adding to the already popular midnight range the H-Connect brings extra power splitting capabilities as well options to easily affix to trussing and marquees. Read Article

New Black Festoon Guards


Festoon guards now available in both Yellow and Black! Read Article

PCE M-Box update


There have been some new developments in the PCE M-Box with the addition of extra mounting space on the din rail. Read Article

KES, Events & Covid-19!


A little note on how things are going. Read Article

Mission Accomplished


This years Wave 105's Mission Christmas delivery has been made! Read Article

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